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The Corsa915 was born from the strong synergy between the Matteo Polli YD design studio and the Magnani Yachts shipyard. A racer that sets itself the ambitious goal of competing with high performance in all rating systems.

The Corsa915 is versatile, also suitable for day cruising use thanks to its easy handling even with a reduced crew, fast and balanced in every situation thanks to the perfect balance of the appendages and sail plan.

A pure racing boat specifically addressed to handicap racing the idea was to open this design to as many levels of racing as possible: inshore and offshore, full crew and double handed, ORCi international events (Class C), ORCi Sportboat division events and also IRC championships and why not HP30 events.

Versatility: the most relevant feature of the Corsa 915 is versatility. The hull lines are designed to be as dry as possible when upright but powerful when heeled, low freeboards with chamfered sheerline help in reducing aero drag but still maintaining enough room inside in order to make life easier down below during offshores.

The deck layout is simple but efficient both in fully crewed situations but also for double handed sailing. Transversal jib tracks are designed to allow fine trimming not only during upwind VMG sailing but also on a reach.

The sail plan is not extreme in any sense but it is designed to deliver the right amount of power for any situation. The large jibs help in light air conditions especially when accellerating and the quite long J will permit multiple headsails set ups. The boat is fitted with a retractable bowsprit that can be fixed and stabilized with a bobstay for offshore racing in order to carry reaching sails.

An outboard engine can be mounted on a swinging support located on a locker in the middle of the boat. This arrangement allows the boat to sail without the sail drive dragging into the water in an economically and light way. Moreover, the system is open also to a fully electric installation.

Technical Specifications

Lenght over all meters 9,15

Beam max meters 3,00

Depth meters 2,00

Displacement kg 2.000,00

ORC/IRC rating 600/1.050

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